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Tianji Mansion_Shenzhen Tianji Mansion real estate details (Shenzhen Lianjia new house)

Tianji Mansion

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Real scene of Tianji mansion community – Shenzhen

Dimensity Mansion Reviews, User Comments

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Tianji Mansion is proudly located on the central axis of Shenzhen. It is very close to Qinghu North Station (under construction) of MTR Line 4, with rail transportation throughout the city, and Futian Port can be connected to Hong Kong, so you can enjoy travel.

The original urban renewal project of Chengtou Longhua Industrial Park is located in the Longhua Qinghu area on the central axis of Shenzhen. The area is planned to be a commercial and residential area in Longhua. The area has potential for regional development. It covers an area of ​​about 17,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​104,000 square meters. There are residential and commercial areas planned , Office format; a total of 41 sets of shops, with a construction area of ​​23-105 square meters, and the main unit type range of 40-50 square meters

Total sets: 41 sets,

Sales area: construction area 23-105㎡,

Above the central axis of Shenzhen, Longhua’s GDP ranks fifth in the city. It is located in Longhua’s core business district, one of the six key areas of high-standard construction.

The project is close to the future Longhua Modern Business Center with over one million square meters, an urban renewal complex with over 100,000 square meters of commercial volume (under planning), China Resources Vanguard, Poly Paradise Street, Galaxy ICO, RT-Mart, the third Shenzhen Longhua and the first Sam's Club Diversified commercial circle, commercial radiation, siphoning the flow of people in the whole area;

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