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The opening of real estate means that the sales license has been obtained during the construction of the real estate, and the pre-sale can be legally publicized to the outside world, and a grand event will be officially launched in the market, just like the opening of a certain hotel. Regardless of whether the houses in a community have been built or not, as long as the real estate is open, it means that the houses will start to sell. Most developers start selling houses before they are ready to start building, so the day of selling is called the opening of the real estate market. The opening of the real estate requires all five certificates. If you buy an off-plan house, then the opening of the real estate can only handle the purchase, bank loan, and deed tax, and the house cannot be moved in.

1. Sign-in area: customers sign in and confirm their identity (customers need to bring the original and copy of ID card in advance) 2. Waiting area: candidate room lottery (stage auditorium) 3. Lottery area: lottery, number verification, number posting (stage audience 4. Queuing area: Check the housing information and prepare alternative plans (sales office) 5. Housing selection area: a group of five people, each group of customers has 10 minutes to choose a room, and clear the site when it is outdated (sales office) 6. Signing Office: After selecting the room number, the customer will sign the subscription agreement with the "House Selection List" at the signing office (sales office) 7. Review Office, Finance Office: multi-party review of the subscription agreement; VIP customers change the name of the receipt; Select the housing source, pay the deposit directly (10,000 yuan, cash/swipe card), and the deposit will be refunded; (sales office) 8. Seal office: the company reviews and confirms the agreement and stamps it (sales office) 9. Subscription is completed.

1. Foreword The sales staff of the Juxinrong Commercial Street Project of Famous, Premium and Special Products entered the site. With the joint efforts and cooperation of the personnel from both sides of the company, preparations were in place in all aspects, and the project appeared with a new attitude. In the promotion of this project, with the help of the operation concept of the commercial street of famous, high-quality and special products, during the opening period, the opening celebrations and activities are the key to the chess game, so that the project opening sales promotion can be carried out smoothly. On the basis of integrating various resources of the project in the early stage, make full use of the opening The opportunity of the event heated up the atmosphere of the sales scene, and at the same time, the public conveyed the project information, and strived to obtain frequent market communication opportunities, so that the case could be successful in the first battle when it opened. The premise of this opening event is: both parties have reached a consensus, and when all aspects of work are ready, the companies of both parties will coordinate and cooperate, and strive to make the opening event a hit! Therefore, after discussion and research by the company's personnel, it was decided that there was time to brew in the early stage, and the case was opened on December 7. 2. Arrangement of opening activities 1. Questionnaires will be issued in the opening lottery draw to spread the information about the opening of Juxinrong and the event of "Fu Lu Wang Jubilee Award" to attract people to the sales site for lottery draws, strengthen the opening atmosphere, tap the target customer groups of this case, and create sales opportunities ; 1) Lottery draw time: December 7th for one day (starting at 9:30) 2) Lottery draw objects: those who bring questionnaires or lottery tickets and potential customers 3) Event location: Juxinrong sales office 4) Award setting: First prize Prize: The coupon has the word "Fu", one Xiaxin A6 mobile phone for 1 second prize: the coupon has the word "Lu", a microwave oven for 3 third prize: the coupon has the word "", a kettle for 12 fourth prize Award: The lottery ticket has the word "Jubilee" and a Juxinrong umbrella for 50 people. Supplementary description of the event: Participants will be given a Juxinrong meeting gift (mug) , to create a festive and auspicious atmosphere for the project, so that the majority of project customers form a festive and auspicious idea in the minds of the project, which is accepted by customers. 1) Activity time: 9:00-12:00 in the morning; 2) Activity location: at the entrance of the sales office or within 500 meters along Quanyong Road.

High-quality, high-quality, creating high-quality projects. Reputation, honesty, and satisfaction to the owners. The building was completed day and night, and the building was completed day and night. Tens of thousands of high-rise buildings were happily built, sheltered from the rain and wind. Mingju, embraces the harmony of heaven, earth and people, and wishes to build the most charming city in China.

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Building automation refers to electrical equipment in buildings, such as elevators, water pumps, fans, and air conditioners, whose main working nature is electric drive. Now the building automation is the online monitoring of the above electrical equipment, setting the corresponding sensors, travel switches, photoelectric control, detecting the working status of the equipment, and returning the line to the central computer in the control room. The computer obtains the analysis results and returns to the equipment terminal for mediation.

Building speaker is a kind of multi-storey or high-rise residential, apartment buildings inside and outside, inter-household information transmission, anti-theft door control and alarm equipment for the duty room of the resident building in case of emergency. Building speaking system: that is, in a multi-storey or high-rise building, visitors, residents and the property management center can communicate, exchange information and realize the control and management system of the safe access passage of the community.

The opening refers to the centralized public sale of the project, which is the first sale. Integrate internal and external resources of the company, target customers to carry out targeted value information transmission, realize customer accumulation, and use the price and method of accumulation to sell externally. In the real estate market, the opening refers to the acquisition of a "sales license" during the construction of the real estate, which can be legally publicized and pre-sold, and officially launched to the market for a grand event, just like the opening of a certain hotel.

Buyers wait in the waiting area, where there are sales control table 3 and housing characteristics display boards, so that they can keep abreast of the housing selection situation in the field. If you are not fully prepared before choosing a house, you can look at the housing display boards and make a record.

The staff of the developer will call the number. When the previous batch of buyers choose houses, the staff will call the next batch of buyers to wait in the queuing area. There is a sales control table in the waiting place, and the buyers can know the situation of the house selection in time.

The entrance of the official housing selection area is waiting to enter and select housing. There will be a sales control table 2 in this area. Compared with the sales control table 3, the sales control table 2 is time-sensitive and the housing selection is accurate.

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real estate opening

What does real estate opening mean? The process of real estate opening

At position 1 of the sales control form, find the house you want, and then paste your own number plate to complete the house selection. If the house buyer's favorite house is left by other candidates, they can directly export it and consult with the staff for follow-up matters.

In the subscription filling area, fill in the relevant information on the subscription book and sign it, which means that the buyer of this suite is himself.

Generally speaking, there will be some preferential activities at the opening of the real estate market. At this time, buying a house can indeed save costs. For example, if a project is opened in several phases, time passes, and the first phase of the first phase will be the first to sell. When the house is sold in the mid-term, it is possible for the developer to lower the price. In addition, when developers release new houses, they will try other ways of buying houses, such as buying houses in groups, which offer huge discounts.

The real estate opening refers to a grand event where the "sales license" obtained during the construction of the real estate can be legally publicized and pre-sold, and officially pushed to the market. There will be some preferential activities at the opening of the real estate. Some of the opening promotions include: down payment to buy a house, buy and get free, full purchase discount, and some real estate will withdraw from the special room when the real estate opens. The developer will launch various preferential policies on the opening day.

The opening of the real estate refers to the acquisition of the "sales license" in the construction of the real estate, which can be legally and legally opened to the outside world for publicity and pre-market sales, and to announce the launch of a grand game-themed activity in the market. There will be some preferential activities at the opening of the real estate. Some general opening promotions include: down payment to buy a house, buy and get free, full payment to buy a house. Preferential policies.

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what does opening mean

What does real estate opening mean? Is there any discount for buying a house at the opening?

There will be some preferential activities for the opening of real estate. Some opening preferential activities include: down payment to buy a house, buy a free house, full house purchase discount, some real estate companies will withdraw from special housing when they open, and many developers will launch various preferential policies on the opening day. Real estate opening refers to a grand event that obtains a sales license during real estate construction, can legally publicize pre-sales, and officially push it to the market.

The opening of real estate refers to the grand event of obtaining a sales license in the construction of real estate, which can legally promote pre-sales and officially push them to the market. There will be some preferential activities at the opening of the real estate market. Some of the opening promotion activities include: down payment to buy a house, buy a free house, and full discounts.

Enterprises will plan marketing and publicity, and choosing an event planning company can facilitate it. It is those small companies that are in the development stage. These companies often hope to get publicity, because word-of-mouth communication is the constant law of consumers' choice, but in a changing society, event planning companies have various publicity methods to enhance the company's external image.

Practice has proved that event planning is a magic weapon for enterprises to carry out publicity. They plan and hold related activities to help enterprises achieve publicity effects. Nowadays, when a construction site breaks ground, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held; when a new store opens, an opening event will be planned; when a real estate project opens, an opening event will be held, so activities can be seen everywhere, commemorating the entire development process of the enterprise; so why are companies willing to choose an event planning company? ? However, many companies spend a lot of energy and money on organizing activities, but they will not be able to obtain satisfactory results, so what kind of event planning company should we choose for event planning?

The event planning company starts from originality, and the power of the event is original; original power, culture. For enterprises, holding activities means that they will definitely spend a lot of human resources, so enterprises will hope to have corresponding economic returns.

As a professional event planning company, the event planning plan is based on the original point of view, the characteristics of the enterprise are planned, and the advantages of the enterprise are the core content of the event, showing the corporate brand culture, so as to give full play to the significance of the event.

Secondly, the planning activities of the event planning company go beyond the activities themselves, but refine the core of corporate activities, innovatively plan the corporate brand into the event layout, event hosting, and event programs, so as to plan the activities to reflect "highlights" and publicity effects . Therefore, not every event planning company will consider the aspect of originality, which is the difference between traditional planning companies of event planning companies.

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